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About Kangoo Jumps


"For years I have been looking for the ideal home fitness gear which would provide me an efficient, complete workout, need little space, and hopefully would be fun. Kangoo Jumps have it all! And they are so versatile"




Kangoo Jumps satisfy the most demanding criterias you can think of:

1. Simplicity: Kangoo Jumps are so easy to use for anybody, any age, anywhere, anytime.

2. Safety: Kangoo Jumps are world's lowest impact shoes available. They protect (and actually reinforce!) your ankles, shins, knees, hips, lower back and spine.

3. Highest Efficiency: scientific studies, made namely by NASA, show that rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective and pleasant exercise ever devised. Simultaneously, all your body cells, all your muscles, all your organs are challenged and trained to be their most efficient with each gentle bounce you do.

4. Most Enjoyable: usually exercise is boring and painful. Not with Kangoo Jumps: you'll enjoy every minute you are on them!

5. No Exhaustion: most people quit exercise because of pain and exhaustion. Not with Kangoo Jumps, as we insist you never exceed your level of comfort. Exercise gently, at your own pace, always enjoying your workout. After one week you will notice the difference and can maintain your time on the Kangoo Jumps for longer.

6. Space Requirement: Kangoo Jumps are referred to as "a gym in a bag". They satisfy all requirements for a full body workout. This means you don't need to clutter your personal space with large and expensive
equipment. As little as 2-3 square meters (20-30 sq. foot) is all that is needed for your Kangoo Jumps workout.

7. Time Savings: gentle exercise with Kangoo Jumps for as little as 3 minutes, 2 times a day, will keep you in good shape.

8. Body & Mind Balance: Kangoo Jumps cause inevitably euphoria, thus fight depression.

9. Motivation: just turn on your favorite up beat music and you will feel the URGE to get back on your Kangoo Jumps.

10. Versatility: Kangoo Jumps can be used in many different ways: indoors, outdoors, on all surfaces, for jogging, games etc. So that you will never get bored.

11. Cost effective: Kangoo Jumps cost significantly less than most other exercise gear. And if, in addition, you consider the savings in time, space and gym fees...



"Scientific investigations with regards to impact forces have reported that between 27% to 70% of runners or joggers are injured in the first year after commencement of running"

Kangoo Jumps were originally developed for joggers, to reduce the impact stress on joints.

Whether you are an avid jogger, a serious runner or a casual health-conscious exerciser, you will quickly appreciate the incredible number of benefits that Kangoo Jumps provide. Reducing impact shocks to your ankles, knees, shins, hips, lower back, and spine, by up to 80% is only one of them.

A Swiss chiropodist study shows that Kangoo Jumps correct pronation and supination conditions originating from the lower leg, while they are being used.

Stress reduction and correcting pronation and supination are two of the many reasons doctors recommend Kangoo Jumps, for rehabilitation after surgery & for prevention of injuries. These benefits help explain why, so many people who at one point could no longer jog or exercise can jog / exercise again in comfort, with confidence and without pain.

“I hadn't been able to jog or attend aerobic classes for years due to my knee surgery and excess weight. It really feels great to be able to exercise again and to have so much fun at the same time” Lynn Lawrence, Texas, U.S.A.

Kangoo Jumps usage also dramatically increases endurance, which is demonstrated by a scientific study conducted by Dr. J.E. Taunton at the University of British Columbia – Canada.

"Scientific investigations with regards to impact forces have reported that: between 27% and 70% of runners or joggers are injured in the first year after commencement of running" Most of these injuries are impact-related. This is why impact protection is so important.

Kangoo Jumps, with their patented Impact Protection System, reduce the impact stress by up to 80%, as confirmed by three (3) distinct scientific studies. On the chart below (taken from a study conducted by Jason Vance and John A. Mercer at the University of Nevada - USA) you can see a comparison: individuals using normal footwear during exercise versus individuals using Kangoo Jumps

Stop abusing your joints! Kangoo Jumps are also being used for marathons. Jodie Luther is a professional trainer who has run many marathons. She clearly feels the difference when using Kangoo Jumps: no pain, no excessive exhaustion the following day.



I hadn't been able to jog or attend aerobic classes for years due to my knee surgery and excess weight. It really feels great to be able to exercise again and to have so much fun at the same time"


Forget Crazy Diets! While we stress the importance of eating a balanced diet, we are actually more concerned with adding a pleasurable, non strenuous exercise element to your life, with Kangoo Jumps.

University studies show clearly that you spend much more energy, or calories, using Kangoo Jumps, compared to usual sport shoes. However, this alone does not explain the dramatic weight loss stated by people who have been using Kangoo Jumps regularly.

The secret lies in the lymphatic system. The lymph is the liquid which circulates in-between our cells, to carry the wastes and toxins, out of our body, keeping it healthy.

Most of us are unaware that our bodies contain four times as much lymph fluid as blood. However our lymphatic system, which is also our immune system, does not have a pump, like the heart, to keep its liquid in motion. It depends on our natural movements for circulation! If we don't move enough, excess levels of toxin actually clutters our lymphatic system and "poisons" our cells. In some places the lymph fluid actually crystallizes into cellulite, which many of us know is hard to eliminate.

Rebound exercise has been found to be the most effective way to "re-prime the pump" and keep it going, due to the up & down swinging in a low impact environment, like with Kangoo Jumps.

The lymphatic system also monitors our metabolism. As we get older, we seem to put on more weight, which becomes harder and harder to lose.

Studies have shown that our base metabolic rate, which is the rate that our bodies burn calories, decreases as our lymphatic system becomes less efficient.

As we regularly use Kangoo Jumps, our base metabolic rate will become increasingly more efficient, resulting in noticeable improvements in our muscle tone, and weight management. In fact, we are actually re-training each cell to perform as it did when we were younger. Once we have re-set our metabolism, we will burn more calories at a higher rate, and will not regain weight, if we continue using Kangoo Jumps.

Your daily gentle workout will be most enjoyable listening to music. You can learn Kangoo Jumps basic steps and much more from our video "Home Fitness & Weight Loss".




Kangoo Jumps enhance your training routine in several ways:

Reducing the impacts by up to 80%, they provide efficient protection to your ankles, knees, shins, hips, lower back and spine.Prescribed plyometric exercise drills with KJ's provide a very safe, efficient environment for Youth Athletes. KJ's provide half the impact to joints while providing More work, yet faster recovery, and fewer setbacks due to overuse injury.

They train simultaneously all your body muscles (ref. NASA study on rebound exercise).

They increase your endurance drastically, as well as balance and agility (stimulate proprioreceptors intensely).

They make training enjoyable, thus increase your motivation.

Creating a series of exercises using innovative Kangoo Jumps can save considerable amounts of workout time as well. Oxygen consumption is significantly increased while the cardiovascular and glandular systems are optimized. Training and cross training can continue, indoors and outdoors, throughout the year.





Here are some examples of medical areas where they can be used and their respective benefits:

Sport Medicine Doctors recommend Kangoo Jumps for rehabilitation after injuries or surgery. The benefit most sport doctors name is that Kangoo Jumps are a powerful strength & conditioning product that allows patients to continue a healthy rehabilitation / exercise regimen without the risk of over training. And Kangoo Jumps help prevent further injuries.

Physiotherapists recommend Kangoo Jumps for rehabilitation after sport related injuries, to assist in the rehabilitation / healing process involved with stiff ankles, lower back and spine pain, as well as for many more specific conditions.

Chiropractors recommend Kangoo Jumps for spinal exercise, which has always been the cornerstone of chiropractic-based rehabilitation programs. Kangoo Jumps seem to be ideal for spinal strengthening, optimum postural positioning, mechanoreceptor / proprioception / balance, coordination, flexibility, and intervertebral disc health through spinal pumping, or imbibitions, with the minimal possible impact.

General Practitioners recommend Kangoo Jumps to correct and/or prevent health problems like obesity, cardiovascular condition, depression, constipation, back pain, bladder weakness, lack of energy, immune system deficiency, postnatal exercise etc.

Ophthalmologists believe that rebound exercise enhances vision, as discussed in the book "Jumping for Health" by Dr. Morton Walker.

Pediatricians recommend Kangoo Jumps (only for children from age 6 and above) to enhance coordination, increase spatial awareness, improve self-image, create positive energy and motivation levels, facilitate the learning process and concentration, fight obesity. Kangoo Jumps are also being used successfully with autistic and Down's Syndrome children.

Orthopedists recommend Kangoo Jumps to reduce pain and to prevent joint problems.





Limit the risk of aggravating or damaging joints.


Physiotherapists and medical doctors recommend the use of Kangoo Jumps for patients as an important rehabilitation factor, as well as, the strength and conditioning aspects of Kangoo Jumps. The reduction of up to 80% of impact shock to your ankles, shins, knees, hips, lower back, and spine also allows athletes to resume their workouts and training much sooner. Too often, rehabilitation time compromises muscle control, proprioception, and balance.

There are many different classifications of injuries and the related causal factors of each injury. Using Kangoo Jumps helps you limit the risk of aggravating or damaging joints that have been weakened by overuse or reconstructive surgery. Reducing Impact allows these areas to strengthen while your general health improves.

For injuries caused by sedentary conditions, Kangoo Jumps are also an excellent rehabilitation factor, as it improves the patient's cardiovascular system, musculature and skeletal systems. At the same time it helps motivate both the athletes, or athletically inclined individuals, as well as, the individuals who lead a more sedentary life style.




Kangoo Jumps act as a shock absorber that generates a trampoline-like feeling of weightlessness, without the safety concerns of trampolining.

Scientific studies show that, Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are a perfect answer to children’s obesity and apathy.
Kangoo Jumps provide all 33 benefits of Rebound Exercise, which N.A.S.A. quoted "is the most efficient and effective exercise ever devised by man".
With Kangoo Jumps they can run, jump and play all their favorite games. But structured, professionally tailored programs are also available for teachers.
Kangoo Jumps alleviate the two major problems of physical training: Safety and Boredom.

- Absolutely Safe
(tested for 7 years in well-known Californian Summer Camps)
- Easy learning, within 2-5 minutes!
- For All Ages 6 to 90+
- Indoors, Outdoors, all terrains usage
- Easy Management, durable
- Can Generate Income for Schools
- Great Charity Fundraiser

Kangoo Jumps & School Sports

Kangoo Exercise classes are a fun and energetic way to promote exercise as an important part of school life. For those who do not participate in organised school sport, Kangoo classes integrate pupils and promote positive unisex activity through group enjoyment.

Kangoo Jumps & Obesity

“Childhood obesity remains a widely acknowledged national and international problem. In England alone, childhood obesity has doubled in 10 years. This complex issue needs to be addressed carefully at national, regional and local levels.” Source Childhood Obesity Conference 2006
Kangoo Jumps are internationally committed to promoting fitness in schools through enjoyment.



"So much fun... they'll forget it's exercise"

Kids love to bounce; they jump on the bed, on the couch, on trampolines, and they love the sensation of being "air-borne". In fact, the urge to jump is quite natural. Because jumping is so much fun, most children don't realize how beneficial it is to their health... so please don't tell them that it's really exercise.

Kangoo Jumps are very safe and easy to use. Overweight children finally have a perfect exercise option that burns calories, tones all muscles, increases their agility and self esteem, while they are playing!

Californian schools and para-scholar organizations like Boys & Girls clubs (USA) started using Kangoo Jumps in 2001, to fight the plague of overweight and physically inactive children. But Kangoo Jumps provide even far more health benefits to children.

 In his book "Jumping for Health" Dr. Morton Walker writes how rebounding helps correcting learning disabilities, improves vision, coordination, concentration, spatial awareness, rhythm, posture. Kangoo Jumps are currently being tested successfully in Denmark with autistic children.



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Awaken your Inner Child

Kangoo Jumps create such a state of euphoria, a feeling of power and lightness, that you will also love them just for the Fun they provide.

The experience of altered state of consciousness that is associated with bouncing will make you joyful, enhancing your life, regardless of your age and your fitness level.


Use Kangoo Jumps for various games, for dancing, for walking the dog, for playing with your kids, for shows, even for tricks (only if you are good at that...) Let your creativity guide you. If you like to get attention, your dream will come true: Kangoo Jumps are a sure way to attract people's curiosity and make new contacts... "Kangoo marriages" do happen!