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As part of our mission, we are committed and dedicated to providing high quality, inspirational and affordable workshops (education) and master-classes (special classes), fitness camps, shows, competiotions, conventions.



International presenter Kinga Sebestyen

Kinga Sebestyen has been an instructor of aerobics, fitball, step, spinning, dance and pilates for 15 years. She is also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and has extensive experience with working with kids that need fitness. She has a Masters Degree in Sports Sciences and Physical Education and she is a licensed Physiotherapist.

She promoted Kangoo Jumps fitness programs in many European countries.

Kinga helped and supported instructors in their initiative to open their own Kangoo Jumps gyms/clubs in cities like Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Ljungby, Skurup, Trelleborg.

If you ask her how much she likes this sport she says that she is very passionate about it and she practices it with all her heart.

She says about this team “We’re like a family”, their relation is based on reciprocal help and respect.

Kinga brings joy in her classes and she does everything she can to make her clients forget their everyday problems. She wants everyone to loosen up, have fun and are get fit.



Workshop Contents

Presentation of Kangoo Jumps concept

Thorough explanation of Kangoo Jumps training method

Practical application of training methods in Kangoo Jumps

How to develop your own style of teaching Kangoo Jumps

Theoretical and practical application of music in Kangoo Jumps

Feedback, free conversation

Continuing education in Kangoo Jumps


What you get for participating in this workshop?

After successfully completing this education you will become an authorized international Kangoo Jumps instructor who is licensed to guide people in the wonderful ways of the Kangoo Jumps programs. This course authorizes you to teach and conduct group fitness classes in a healthy and professional environment.